Ride Middle Earth Ecuador

... an adventure into the heart of the world.


Here's what you should bring on your adventure to minimize discomfort and risk.

Personal essentials:

Mountain bike specific helmet (current and fit for purpose)

Mountain bike specific shoes

Knee and elbow pads

Long fingered bike gloves

Biking glasses or goggles

Waterproof jacket

Padded cycling shorts/ trousers

Warm jacket for the evenings

Long-sleeved base layers (merino wool ideal)

Sunscreen (including one for lips)

Hydration system (Camelbak)

Advil or Ibuprofen for effects of altitude + any personal medication

Mosquito spray, and bite relief cream

Head lamp

20 litre (minimum) daypack


For your bike:

Extra brake pads

Extra derailleur hanger

at least 3x extra tubes and/or tubeless fluid

Chain quick-link specific to your chain

Please make sure your bike is in tip top condition before trip.

If there are any part specific to your bike bring a spare of these.

We recommend that you have aggressive enduro/dh tires with lots of life on them.