Ride Middle Earth Ecuador

... an adventure into the heart of the world.



This amazing ten-day mountain biking adventure will take you through the natural scenarios of the middle of Earth, landscapes that you will remember for a lifetime. Listed below is an outline of what you can expect on your trip.

You will be picked up in Quito the day before the ten-day adventure. Then, you will be provided with transport to Ambato, our home base for most of the trip.

Each day you'll be picked up from your accommodations in the morning, and after a day of unbelievable riding, you'll return in the evening to have dinner and explore at your own pace.


Day 1- START OF THE ADVENTURE - Ambato, Tungurahua

You are welcomed to the city of Ambato! We'll meet you at Quito and take you to Ambato. There, we'll get you settled into the accommodations, grab some food and some rest, before getting into serious riding.

Day 2 - GETTING GEARED UP - Ambato, Tungurahua

After breakfast, we'll check the bikes and following a short city tour, we'll do some lower elevation flow trails to get warmed up and assess everybody's skill level.

Day 3 - Mt. Pilisurco - Ambato, Tungurahua

Now we are getting a taste of some high Andes downhill. Starting at 4000m, we drop out of the truck and descend back down to the city. A ride full of breathtaking wide-open panoramic views and a steep, fast, technical downhill, with each section having its own distinct character.

Day 4 - THE LAST INCA - Sigchos, Cotopaxi

One of the most spectacular and exciting descents in Ecuador! Fast and flowing single track down the ancient Inca's paths which have been used for thousands of years. History, breathtaking views, and DH all rolled into one! We ride straight into our accommodations on this night.

Day 5 - KACHI YAKU - Apahua, Cotopaxi

A day of an excellent mix of terrains. We have some wide-open flow at the top that turns into technical rock gardens cutting through the forest.

Day 6 - REST DAY - Baños, Tungurahua.

We'll spend the day hanging out in the beautiful touristic city of Baños. We'll take time to rest, make sure the bikes are tiptop, and enjoy one of Ecuador's jewels.

Day 7 - HIELEROS AND MAMA RUMI - Chimborazo

A big day. A total of 24 km of trail. We'll start at the base of the iconic volcano Mt. Chimborazo at 4800m high, and descend through a terrain that we can only describe as what riding on Mars would be like. Steep single tracks through alpine pine forests into wide-open grasslands. Then we'll go to one of South America's premier downhill trails, the Mami Rumi. This fast windy run will take you through the rainforest down into the coast region.

Day 8 - VOLCAN COTOPAXI - MARIN BIKE PARK - Latacunga, Cotopaxi

A breathtaking tour of the majestic Cotopaxi volcano's trails, then we have some more fun at the Marín bike park located at the beautiful Hacienda Santa Rita.

Day 9 - TLQ - Quito, Pichincha

Here's located the second-highest gondola in the world for mountain biking, and in this amazing place, we will have a day full of adventure.

Day 10 -  REST - Quito, Pichincha

Final rest day to assemble your luggage and visit Ecuador's wonderful capital: Quito. 


Before booking, please have a look at the FAQs and list of what to bring on your trip.